Faded Elephant is a streetwear clothing brand representing elephants as the True Kings of the Jungle. Our company was established in 2016 by our founder, Khylan Brooks during his undergrad studies at Azusa Pacific University. Khylan had a growing desire to create his own brand that was completely different from anything you've seen or heard. The name 'Faded Elephant' comes from the fading elephant population, which allowed us to add our own creative spin on it. What started out from three t-shirt logos and one hat design, we have consistently kept limited drops + limited supply throughout each season. All garments are exclusive and crafted with you in mind. 

As a brand, we chose the elephant for its dominance in the animal kingdom. We believe the elephant is the true king of the jungle because; they protect smaller animals, dig wells for water, and ultimately provide genuine good luck. When you wear Faded Elephant you will feel dominate just like an elephant! Elephants embody power and strength as their strongest attributes, which is how we want our brand to represent you!

"Growing up, I've always worn different brands with fly sneakers, or something loud and crazy that would get me too much attention and sometimes in trouble, but I never cared what other people had to say. So naturally I wanted to create my own clothing considering I was inspired by big brands such as Nike, Diamond, and Obey. I remember back when I was in 7th or 8th grade rocking Diamond Supply Co tees before anybody started wearing them around my school.” - Khylan Brooks